Former World No. 8 professional squash player and co-author of Ready, Set, Squash!, Wael is a renowned squash coach who delivers the same commitment and talent that propelled him to success as a player. Relocating to Florida with his family to further pursue his passion for coaching and mentoring, Wael opened Kinetic Indoor Racquet Club with the objective of starting squash and creating opportunities for players to reach their goals. He has led several juniors to #1 American national rankings, while serving as the US Junior National Coach. In addition, he has helped a number of juniors achieve their dreams of attending a prestigious college, with placements at Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Colombia University, and Yale, to mention a few.

Born in Giza, Egypt, Wael began playing squash at the relatively late age of 13 after switching over from tennis.

A member of the Professional Squash Association (PSA) since 1999, he has long been regarded as one of Egypt’s most gifted players, having made his mark after reaching the podium at the U.S. World Junior Championships and entering the pro ranks in 1998.

As a professional, he was a top ten player for eight years and in 2008 achieved a career-high ranking of #8 in the World. 2010 and 2011 were among some of his best years, with wins at the US Open in 2010 and a victory for Egypt at the 2011 World Team Championships.

In addition to dedication to developing as a squash player, he continued his studies and graduated the Arab Academy College with a degree in Business Administration.

Wael loves music, playing all sports and spending time with his family.